How to Get Tired of Writing Articles in Only One Week

Courtesy of me! Enjoy the free art!

Step 01: Have many articles you’re required to write.

This one seems like a no-brainer. Imagine writing over fifteen articles in one week, like me. You’re gonna get pretty exhausted by the end of the week. I mean, fifteen articles is a lot to write for one person; how could anyone write that much in one week? Speaking of…

Step 02: Have many of the articles due in the same days.

Since I had to work on over fifteen articles within one week, so it’s no surprise to have clumps of them due on the same days. For example, most of the articles I had to write were due on the 22nd of September. So, for the week. I was planning on writing a few articles a day. But that didn’t happen because…

Step 03: Have the app where you’re supposed to send your articles to not work on one of the days.

On the 19th, when I had twelve articles due, I was planning on doing three articles and then doing my own thing. However, when I tried to log in onto the app I use to send my articles, the app wouldn’t let me log in! Apparently, I wasn’t an “active user” or whatever (despite the fact that I had already sent in several articles the previous day). This was an all-day thing, too. So, I had to wait until tomorrow to…

Step 04: RUSH, RUSH, RUSH!!!

Rushing sucks. When you rush on something, you don’t put in much effort, and whatever you’re doing comes out poorly executed. So, because I couldn’t do some articles on the 19th, I had to do SIX ARTICLES all at once the next day! Believe me, that was an all-day project, too! Mostly because…

Step 05: Have Hemingway be a big pain to use.

In my freelance writing job, I have to use four things and submit screenshots for them before I can turn in my articles — Grammarly, Hemingway, a plagiarism detector, and an SEO keyword density detector. The other three things I didn’t have many issues with, but Hemingway almost made me snap.

Step 06: Write about politics.

Despite some of my most popular posts on here, I hate talking about politics. They’re stressful, and they do nothing but cause fights. So, imagine my pleasure when the articles I had to write were about nothing but political topics. Sure, they were non-partisan, but researching all of these topics made my brain tired.

Saving Graces: Short Articles and More Money

Like I said before, I usually get paid around $50 a month for writing articles, but that depends on how many I write and/or how many words I write. The articles I had to write were assigned to be around 500 words, so I could at least churn one out in about an hour. And, by my calculations, 500 words times 15 articles is gonna add up to a lot of money, so that’s nice, I guess…

In Conclusion

I had to write over fifteen articles about politics, and Hemingway decided to be a royal pain, and the app I’m supposed to use didn’t want to work for one day. So, I had to rush, and now I’m tired. This is all you’re getting for now. Bye bye.

Well, would you look at that? Hemingway wasn’t being a royal pain this time! Oh well, at least I don’t get paid for writing articles here… yet. And I get to write about what I want, so there!



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