Severe Storms, the Lord, and Me

Photo by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash

In case I’ve never mentioned this before, I am from Mississippi. I was born in Mississippi, I was raised in Mississippi, and I still live in Mississippi. And if you haven’t been watching the Weather Channel recently, Mississippi and I guess the rest of the south have been experiencing some highly severe storms recently. So, how have I been doing throughout this whole thing?

Well…if I’m being honest with you guys, it’s been too hectic for my taste. Don’t get me wrong — we have storms in Mississippi a good bit every spring, and some of them are severe. But I don’t remember ever experiencing this many storms in such a short time in my lifespan — especially these severe storms. And I am sick and tired of having to worry about these storms every day! Seriously, it seems like my area has been getting these severe storms at least once a week! Last Wednesday (as of this article), I had to worry about not one severe tornado warning, but two!

Yes, you read that right — two severe tornado warnings! And if you think I was panicking, my cat was fuming during these tornado warnings since she had to be shoved into her cat carrier twice. For your information, we only put her into that cat carrier when she goes to the vet or when there’s a severe storm warning. So, poor Lily associates nothing good with that thing. No wonder she was fuming after being let out of the cat carrier the second time. I don’t blame her one bit.

And that’s nothing to say about the severe thunderstorm warnings that have been entering my state, especially in the middle of the night. Seriously, all I want to do at night is sleep. I do NOT want any thunder and lightning waking me up at two in the morning! I’ve had this happen to me several times now, and one particular time may have scarred me for life.

It was around two or three in the morning, and we had yet another severe thunderstorm that night. I was already awake due to the lightning, but the worst hadn’t come yet. I was trying to fall back asleep and sleep the storm off, but the lightning got brighter, and the thunder got louder. Then, I saw a flash, and… BOOM! The whole house shook, waking up not just me, but my entire family! I literally thought the house had exploded for a minute, so I ran into my mother’s bed and snuggled with her and my dog Phoebe (Yes, this does sound embarrassing now that I think about it.)… for about an hour until the storm stopped and I couldn’t handle my mother’s snoring anymore.

“Emily, what does God have to do with any of this?” you might be wondering. And I got the perfect answer for you! You see, during all these storms, I used the power of prayer to keep my electricity on and my family safe. And it all worked perfectly well 100% of the time! I’ve written about this before, but I honestly think prayer is one of the best things you can do in case of a natural disaster (after preparing, of course). I’m not even a particularly religious person, but it’s worked amazingly for me so far, so why should I quit now?

On second thought, all these storms may be turning me into a religious person after all, and you know what? I don’t think that’s such a bad thing after all. Either way, I’m keeping in touch with God every time it looks nasty outside.



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Emily Alexandra

Emily Alexandra

Just some autistic person wanting to write and write. I also like to draw and have a cat and dog that are my life. I publish on 8th, 18th, and 28th every month.